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We are always happy to discuss any remodel or custom built home with you. Call us today at (562) 493-0429 and get a quick response or send us an email with detailed information below.

Schematic Design Services $1,000-$3,000*

TKR's schematic design process is intended to be an alternative to the traditional process of hiring an architect at the infant stages of project planning. It is often the case that architects charge large retainers, and a homeowner can potentially incur significant costs prior to receiving documents that can used for cost estimating or "bidding." This traditional process can lead to costly architectural fees and result in projects that do not satisfy a client's budget requirements. Significant time and money can be lost in this process.

It is TKR's goal to streamline this process. The schematic design process is intended to take place over several weeks to a month and encompass several meetings between TKR and the client. During this time period, design ideas will be discussed and analyzed until a single direction is determined for the project. With one eye on budget and another on the dream, TKR and the client work toward an exciting and practical design solution for a custom home or remodel. At the end of this process, a client can expect to receive the following:

  • Accurate field measurements of the existing conditions of the home or site.

  • Computer generated floor plans, indicating a clear design for the project. (These drawings will be modified and refined during the course of the Schematic Design Process)

  • 2D exterior drawings of the home indicating style and detailing of the project.

  • A fair budget estimate for the anticipated project costs based on this design.

The intent of this process is to give a client a realistic budget price for the home they desire to build. The plans are also capable of preliminary bidding by any number of contractors at the homeowner's discretion. While many specifics of the design are beyond the scope of the Schematic Design Process, the design will be well thought out, and will address critical site requirements and the structural issues that relate to the individual property.

Rarely do our client's "walk away" at the end of the process if the project budget estimate cannot meet the design requirements; and be out of pocket a much smaller amount of money than if they contracted full Architectural services had been contracted. For this reason, TKR feels that this is a much safer investment in the design of a home.

It is most often the case that the budget estimate is acceptable, and that the design is what the client is looking for. When this is the case, the client can move into the next step with TKR: Full Architectural services. All fees from the Schematic Design Process are credited towards the Full Architectural Services.

Full Architectural Services $4,000-$30,000

TKR can provide full architectural services for any residential project. For clients continuing the process from the Schematic Design Process, all fees will be treated as a credit toward the Full Architectural Services.


The architectural process consists of complete design and programming services. TKR is passionate about the homes that it designs. We care deeply about providing neighborhoods with quality architecture and design details. TKR listens to the client, and combines what a client knows about how they live - and what they want - with TKR expertise in home design. The design process can be fun and enlightening for everyone involved. All options are considered and explored with diligence until the design is finalized.


Plans are then created for approval by the governing building department, planning department and applicable home owner's association. These plans are also used by TKR to construct your home. During this process all areas of the home are refined to cater to a client's specific requirements. During construction, the advantage of having the architect on the same team as the builder is extremely valuable. Field changes and improvements that are inevitable in any custom building project can be streamlined. There is no need to call the architect to the job site to discuss the ramifications when a change is proposed. If TKR is the builder, the architect is already on site. Often times, it is TKR suggesting the improvements and the flexibility of the building process is unparalleled. Approval can be made immediately on site and changes to the plans can be created within hours if necessary. Most of the time there is no architectural charge for the revisions, as TKR welcomes the chance to improve the designs with field changes. By having the architect and builder on the same page, both time and money is saved.

Full Construction Services $1,000-$1,000,000+

TKR can provide full construction services to a client for any size project. Whether TKR has provided the architectural services or not, TKR can bring any set of plans to life. The quality of TKR projects speaks for themselves and TKR has many satisfied clients to assert this. TKR takes pride in what it builds, and strives to build houses that neighborhoods can be proud of. After all, it is the TKR sign that hangs on the construction fence and TKR intends to be building custom homes for a long time to come.


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